Wahoo KICKR Core - a new quality of self-inflicted pain

7 months ago by Sebastian

Cycling in Winter is difficult, but you can make it even harder by moving it to home. I’ve been doing that for years, but I finally decided to ditch the noisy rollers and pull a trigger on life quality changing purchase.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back - SRAM Eagle/Force on board!

11 months ago by Sebastian

I always intended for my gravel bicycle to run a mullet drivetrain, but due to the budget constrains I had to settle on Shimano gravel-specific mechanical rear derailleur and road shifters. Time for an upgrade.

Living on the Edge with Chinese Carbon Handlebars!

1 year ago by Sebastian

Aliexpress is legendary with hard to execute warranties and dubious quality control. When buying bicycle parts, it’s not the money you put at risk. Yet here I am, with another set of handlebars, this time for my gravel bike.

Raspberry Pi - My New Lightweight Home Server

1 year ago by Sebastian

Up to a few weeks ago I was running home services on a power-hungry always-on medium tower PC with 650W power supply. With rising energy prices, it was about time to replace it and finally let it go to sleep for most of the time. Enter Raspberry Pi!

Winter/Mud Gravel Tires - Continental Terra Trail

1 year ago by Sebastian

When it comes to Continental Tires, I’ve had only bad experience. And yet, with the rising prices of my weapon of choice, I decided to take the risk. Here’s my brief review of Continental Terra Trail. Can they break the curse?

Let There Be Light - Dynamo-Powered Bicycle Lights

2 years ago by Sebastian

Cycling at night requires either owl’s sight or a very good set of lights. Unfortunately, I’m only human and my current setup consisted of cheap Decathlon rear light and Convoy S2+ flashlight. It was time to step up my game.

Say hello to my tooting friend!

2 years ago by Sebastian

Being on Twitter is getting more awkward under the rules of Elon Musk. Recent changes, chaotic and unpredictable, made me think about my presence on this particular platform.

Lezyne Super Drive XXL 1600 + KTV Pro Smart Light Set

2 years ago by Sebastian

Night cycling can be a thrilling and unique experience, and having the right equipment is crucial for safety and enjoyment. That’s where the Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL front light and Lezyne KTV Pro Smart rear light come in.

Welcome, Year 2023!

2 years ago by Sebastian

The year 2022 has ended. It has been a weird time, full of surprises and adventures. Also, I haven’t written anything for some time, so I feel like I owe you a little summary. Let’s go!

Na wakacje bez samochodu

3 years ago by Sebastian

Prawie wszystko było dopięte na ostatni guzik. Sprzęt zakupiony, miejsce na kamping wybrane, nocleg zarezerwowany. Byliśmy gotowi na wszystko. Gdyby tylko nie samochód, który po 5 tygodniach u 3 mechaników postanowił zepsuć się na dzień przed wyjazdem, już 2 godziny po wyjechaniu z warsztatu…

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