Welcome, Year 2023!

2 years ago by Sebastian

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The year 2022 has ended. It has been a weird time, full of surprises and adventures. Also, I haven’t written anything for some time, so I feel like I owe you a little summary. Let’s go!

First of all, I’m gonna switch to English. It’s not my native language, but I use it very often. It might not be perfect, but it’s weirdly easier for me to formulate my thoughts. Looking at my blog statistics, nobody is reading it, so now even more people can not read it!😅

Don’t ask him about the cycling”

People who know me well are aware, one should not ask me about cycling. But since you are here reading this, it kinda feels like you asked.

So… It took me 565 hours and 10 minutes to go 13630 kilometers. I’ve ascended in 47521 meters in total. I went cycling 413 times, which is more than days in one year. Yes, I often went cycling more than twice a day, which should tell you something about my dedication to the sport. It was my best year so far and it looks like it will be difficult to do it again.

The highlight of the year was definitely Eroica Nova in Buonconvento - 135 kilometers of ruthless tuscanian sun and strade bianche.

Unfortunately, my dedication was not enough for other disciplines. Recurring running has been pushed aside. I simply didn’t have time and life force to do it.

Trips and Adventures!

In terms of holidays, it was quite a nice time. We’ve been to Italy again. This time we had a chance to see beautiful city of Bologna. After that we went to Tuscany, to revisit the fabulous city of Siena and relive my suffering of L’Eroica from 2015. Literally, because this time I took part in 2022 Eroica Nova in Buonconvento. It was horrific again (last time because how unfit I was), this time due to hellish temperatures, reaching 40°C. I managed to get through it alive, thou and now I have only nice memories.

We again went to see the Baltic sea near Kamień Pomorski. This time with a car, which gracefully didn’t break one day before the departure. It was the time for kids to play and for us to rest. Our favourite Ecorosarium has prooved itself as a place, where you can forget about your children for a minute and they should not hurt themselves.

Well rested, we started longing for an adventure again and decided to take a trip to vicinities of Jelenia Góra and Karkonosze mountains. It was my chance to have a stint of cycling up the hill, but also for the entire family to experience something new. I was proud of Kasia and children when we struggled together on our cycling trips around Jizera mountains.

Other ”things”…

In terms of work, not much has changed. With some little twists, I’m still managing same old Active Directory, restarting servers and fixing other people’s first world problems.

Our boys (now six and four) are wonderful and we are very proud of them, but aparently it wasn’t enough. And just like that, we are unexpectedly expecting another child, which will make our lifes even more interesing.

So… 2022 has been a blast for us! We are all in good health, doing stuff we like and love and let’s hope the next year will be at least as entertaining!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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