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1 year ago by Sebastian

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Being on Twitter is getting more awkward under the rules of Elon Musk. Recent changes, chaotic and unpredictable, made me think about my presence on this particular platform.

With Elon Musk taking over Twitter, nobody really knew what to expect. Everyone was just sitting there, watching and waiting and so did I. Unfortunately, most recent changes do not suit me. Especially annoying is pushing to users algorithm-based „For you” tab, instead showing content from people you actually follow. It would be fine to have that tab, but not as a default. Now every time you start the app, you have to manually switch to „Following” tab. And even that is more and more spiked with desperate advertising…

There was a way around that in form of 3rd party applications. My weapon of choice was in this case Tweetbot. Unfortunately, this morning Twitter crew, presumably (because there was no real confirmation) started cutting off most popular Twitter applications from the API. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, I know. However, only the most popular apps have been crippled and it seems to be internet-wide consensus.

So, without further ado, I decided to shift my attention away from Twitter and start using Mastodon. You can find out what it is here, at I’ve joined one of the servers long time ago, but now, with all the unsettling things happening to Twitter it seems to get more and more traction. I’m not leaving Twitter yet, but it looks kinda hopeless.

Anyways, you can find me here:

I know the Mastodon world can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but I hope I see you there!


Mastodon apps are a bit lacking for now, however Tweetbot creators, Tapbots, are working on a new Mastodon iOS client, Ivory. Despite being still an alpha version, a great piece of software already! You can check it out here. It should be out pretty soon!


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