Lezyne Super Drive XXL 1600 + KTV Pro Smart Light Set

1 year ago by Sebastian

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Night cycling can be a thrilling and unique experience, and having the right equipment is crucial for safety and enjoyment. That’s where the Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL front light and Lezyne KTV Pro Smart rear light come in.

I’ve been well prepared for the night cycling with my gravel bike, which is sporting dynamo powered lights. On my road bike however, I was strugging with cheap Decathlon rear light and Convoy S2+ flashlight with annoying 16850 rechargable batteries. That needed to change.

Front Light

The Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL is a powerhouse of a front light, boasting a maximum of 1600 lumens and a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes in impresive Overdrive mode. I left it on my lap turned on for a minute, and I swear my pants started smoking. Dial it a bit down to Enduro mode and with 600 lumens it will be still comfortable enough to see where you’re going for almost 4 hours. It also has some daylight flashing modes in which it can last up to overwhelming 138 hours. This makes it perfect for illuminating even the darkest of paths and ensuring that you have ample visibility while cycling at night or as a running light during the day.

The light is packed in a nice aluminum waterproof enclosure. It comes with a hefty rubber band or a plastic clamp as a mount, but it is also possible to buy additional GoPro-style thingy, if you want to have it hanging under your Wahoo/Garmin mount. I recommend going with the original piece, as my home made solution sent the light flying on the concrete.

Rear Light

The Lezyne KTV Pro Smart rear light has a sleek and compact design and included rubber band is making it easy to mount on your bike. By default it can go straight on a round profile seatpost, but if you have a proprietary D-shaped one - there is an adapter for it. It can output up to 75 lumens in a pulse mode and it will last for around 10 hours but you can switch it to 10 lumens pulse, extending the runtime up to 19 hours.

Extra Features

Both lights came as a set in a nice, solid box and there is a reason for it. They are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for some magic with Lezyne LED Ally app.

First of all, you can pair both lights together. That means you will be only required to operate the front light and the rear one will turn itself on and off automatically.

The second feature allows you to program up to 4 modes of light combinations, through which you can then cycle with the button on the front light.

The app can also display the charge of the batteries and the mode the lights are in. Once you’ve programmed the set to desired modes, you are no longer required to use the app, adding to the ease of use.

Is it worth it?

In summary, the Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL and Lezyne KTV Pro Smart are top-of-the-line options for night cycling. With their impressive performance, long lasting batteries and advanced features, they provide excellent visibility, safety and ease of use while riding in the dark.

I was unable to find the original link to the store from which I’ve bought my set, but it’s still available at chainreactioncycles.com for around €170 or centrumrowerowe.pl for 760 PLN. If you’re lucky, you might find it heavily discounted as I did, but I still think that the set is worth every cent even in the original price.


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